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Operating system for wireless sensor networks (WSN)

MansOS is an operating system for wireless sensor networks (WSN) and other resource-constrained embedded systems. It supports:

  • Analog and digital sensors (including I2C and SPI protocols)
  • GPIO port access
  • GPS data access (using NMEA protocol)
  • Unlimited number of software timers
  • Low energy consumption modes
  • Parallel execution (optional preemptive multitasking)
  • Radio communication
  • Custom network stack (addressing, MAC protocols, multi-hop routing)
  • IPv6 networking (using uIPv6 network stack as an external library)
  • Intuitive compile-time configuration for inclusion and exclusion of specific options
  • Run-time reprogramming
  • Interactive shell for basic control and data access
  • Integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Integrated easy-to-use scripting language (SEAL)

More information is available on:

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